Posted by Jim Craner on January 21, 2019

If you haven't visited the website before, you'll need to wait until the federal government re-opens to check out the thousands of free public government dataset that used to be available to explore and download.  And if your library or community uses that data for an application or project - you already know that you're out of luck!  (In the meantime, you can still read our 2017 Public Library Quarterly article about open data in the library.)

screenshot of the website bearing a large heading "Due to a lapse in government funding, all websites will be unavailable until further notice."As the shutdown surpasses a month in length, our libraries are already helping furloughed workers access critical safety net resources, draft resumes and complete job applications, and complete paperwork. 

In the meantime, US IMLS operations are paused while the organization is on hiatus.

Need something to read while waiting for the government to re-open?  There's a reading list at the Brooklyn Public Library site called "BKLYN Books for a Government Shutdown" with some interesting and cheeky choices.  Is your library helping out with the shutdown?  Let us know using the form below!