The Galecia Group has been helping public libraries leverage their use of existing and new technologies since 2000. Our goal is to ensure libraries use people to perform tasks that people do best, and use technology and automation for tasks that machines do best. Our services include: 

  • Analyzing materials handling and delivery systems
  • Building requirements for software and hardware procurements and help with evaluation, selection, and implementation
  • Analyzing staffing and workflows and help libraries make better use of the resources available
  • Providing recommendations for automated materials handling systems and RFID that include product specifications, configuration recommendations, cost estimates, cost/benefit analysis, payback periods, and “before and after” staffing scenarios

The Galecia Group works exclusively with libraries and organizations supporting libraries. We've taken the time to understand the complications associated with integrating third party technology solutions with the library system software, the challenges of working within a larger municipal entity like the county or city, the never-ending problems of shrinking budgets, and the evolution of the library’s physical space from passive warehouse to dynamic community center.