Posted by Lori Ayre on October 26, 2003

For anyone still supporting their Gates computers without the benefit of Gates Foundation tech support, you might be interested to know that there are some very useful files available to you either here (for you to download) or on your Gates computer. Here's a description of a few:

Lock and Unlock Profiles

  • Purpose: unlocking profiles to make changes, then relocking them
  • Where to find on your Gates computer
    • D:\Utilities\Profile Batch Files, or
    • E:\Utilities\Profile Batch Files, or
    • C:\BMGF Utilities
  • Documentation available on entitled "Unlocking Public Profiles So You Can Alter Them, and Locking Them When You're Done" and "Adding and Using the Profile Lock and Unlock Utilities"

Improve Registry Settings

  • Purpose locks down the registry to make it more resistant to the new ?pest? programs"
  • Download the file here: registry_tools.exe
  • Documentation available on entitled ?Enhancing Security on the Windows Registry?

Clean Temporary Files

  • Purpose: clean out the temp directory and restore it with proper defaults
  • View file here: cleantemp.bat
  • Documentation available on entitled: "Add the Temp Folder Cleaning Utility to a Gates Library Computer"

More to come on this topic inluding PAC_Installer and some useful tips for fixing annoying Gates problems....stand by.