Posted by Lori Ayre on June 5, 2006

A couple people have asked me about whether the children's games that were on the original Gates computers were still available The answer is YES. They are available on your very own Gates computer. You can install the programs from your old Gates computers to your new replacement computer by following the instructors in this PDF file entitled How to Copy Children's Games from a Windows NT Gates Library Computer to a new Windows XP Computer .

This useful guide is available on the PAComputing section of WebJunction along with some other very handy stuff. For example how about these ready to roll QuickGuides for many popular applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft Streets and Trips) plus How to Use Word, Copying and Moving Text as well as Spanish versions of everything too.

Another useful resource on this site is a Top Issues Archive that will help tech support folk find solutions to problems associated with the Gates computers or people using the Shared Computer Toolkit.