Posted by Lori Ayre on September 19, 2004

Nice work, Gates Foundation! They finally made their handy "pac installer" available to everyone. The PAC Installer used to be buried on their pacomputing website but they've hauled it out of the back closet and are featuring it on its own prominent web page!

Here's where it's at: . [Updated link 12/6/04]

In addition to documentation and source code, it also has a new name....the Public Access Computer Security Tool. What it does is allow you to do a vanilla install of Windows 2000 or XP on a PC and then use this tool to lock down the settings without having to crawl around in the registry by hand.

I've found that there are some settings you'll still want to adjust manually and you might even want to supplement the configuration with WINSelect but this tool provides a nice start.

They've even set up a discussion forum as a way to support people using the tool. Available here Ed: broken link removed 2011.