RFID and SIP – Potential for Big Improvements for Libraries

Mick Fortune, of  RFID-Changing Libraries for Good fame notes that the new data model standard released by ISO just a few weeks ago (ISO 28560) “presents both a threat and an opportunity for suppliers. The threat is obvious. Up until now it has proved too difficult for most libraries to switch suppliers once they have purchased an RFID solution.” With the potential for interoperability between RFID systems, the library RFID marketplace may soon face competition.

ISO 28560 RFID in Libraries Standard Published – What Does That Mean?

On 3/22/211, ISO 28560, the RFID in Libraries Data Model and Encoding Standard was published. It is composed of three parts. Part One describes the data models and data elements while Parts Two and Three provide for two options for encoding the data on the tags. The U.S. will eventually select one of these two models and specify the mandatory and optional data elements to be used in libraries. This will be a NISO standard.

Wanna Lease Some Self Check Machines or AMH Equipment?

Like all things technology, your equipment will be ready for an upgrade within five years — not because it is falling apart (especially in the case of 3M equipment) — but because even better products will be available.  Rather than getting stuck with the old model, now you can simply switch the latest greatest thing after a few years and save yourself some cash.

Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library: A Report on the Innovative Ways Public Libraries are Addressing Community Priorit

I’m passing along this very important report from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) as part of their Public Library Innovations grant program funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

I’ve pulled out this excerpt chock full of useful stats for you to use when you talk to people about budget cuts!

Dear Governor Brown…

Dear Governor Brown,

Every other time we’ve faced budget shortfalls that result in service reductions, disenfranchised and poor people have always been able to count on libraries to access email, get on the Internet, and to find critical information.  Your proposal to cut services AND close libraries hits people with the least the hardest.  And it doesn’t save a cent.

ISO 28560 – RFID in Libraries – ISO Standard Only Two Months Away

The RFID in Libaries Standard (ISO 28560) moved to Stage 50.20 today.  In other words, the Standard is about two months away from being finalized.

Why do you care?  Because this standard is going to be the basis for a U.S. Data Model standard.  This is what we’ve been waiting for. Finally, a standard that defines how to organize information on a library RFID tag including recommendations for what data elements can be used and which ones are mandatory.