What is a Library Data Day event?

Library Data Day ("LDD") is a statewide/regional workshop that brings together librarians, library staff, and technologists to learn about the value and use of data in their libraries and their communities. Participants build skills, learn about new tools, and even build prototype applications and new project proposals. Skilled technology facilitators plan learning and building events for attendees of all skill levels, focused specifically on library topics and using data and maps from the region.

What will I do at a Library Data Day event?

We try to offer a wide variety of topics for technology newbies and data professionals alike, so everyone should find something interesting on the agenda. Each LDD event is customized in coordination with local partners, but our standard 2020 schedule includes the following:

  • Workshops:
    • Introduction to Digital Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Free Tools for Easily Visualizing Data
    • Finding Open Government Data
    • "No-Code" and "Low-Code" Tools
  • Supervised Data Lab:
    • Put your new skills to use by starting a new digital project for your library, supervised by our consultants and trainers.
    • Build a database, website, online map, or cool application prototype. Get stuck? Just ask for help!
  • Tech Roundtables - Share Your Experience and Ideas
    • Ethical Concerns About Community Data
    • Civic and Community Technology Projects
    • Offering Data and Digital Skills Training for Patrons

Who organizes Library Data Day?

Library Data Day events are coordinated by The Galecia Group's Data Lab and local/regional partners, including consortia, state libraries, and individual library systems. To learn more about organizing a Library Data Day event in your region, contact us!