Project Summary

BookPoints is a free, open source online application that libraries can use to build custom summer reading websites. The software was originally developed with the California Library Association (CLA) and Library of Virginia with support from IMLS via LSTA grants.  As of 2018, The Galecia Group continues to partner with the Library of Virginia and several other libraries who continue to use the software. The Galecia Group continues to develop the software and provides hosting and support for libraries interested in getting help using the free, open source software.  

As of 2018, BookPoints hosting is available for a small fee, or you can download the software and run it yourself.  More info available at

The Galecia Group is committed to keeping the prices low enough that any library can afford to run an online summer reading program.  Hosting and support starts at $800 per year.

Bookpoints is:

  • Customizable
  • Easy to set-up
  • Free to download
  • Affordable Hosting and Support
  • Fun for kids of all ages   

California libraries being hosted by The Galecia Group in 2018 include:

Plus, many libraries in Virginia are using Bookpoints, here are just a few examples:

And finally, some libraries are taking advantage of the free, open source software to download it and host it for themselves include: