Project Summary

In November of 2014, Charleston county residents passed a $108.5 million referen-dum to address the Library’s building and technological deficiencies. The Library then sought the services of an architectural/engineering firm to develop a program guide manual for the subsequent Charleston County Public Library (CCPL) Capital Improve-ment Project (CIP) that would affect all 16 outlets of the CCPL system. Lori Ayre of The Galecia Group was included in the proposal submitted by McMillan Pazdan Smith to provide guidance related to RFID, automated materials handling, and workflow optimization. 

The CIP project includes building five new library buildings as well as a new Operations Center. In addition, virtually every one of the other branches would be remodeled. The scope of the original engagement included developing guide specifications for certain building systems including security, access, A-V, RFID and product standards for other library items. 

Once the program guide had been completed, Ayre was hired by Charleston County in order to assist the County in finalizing RFID and AMH product specifications and help-  ing the staff to re-envision how service delivery could be changed with the help of self-service and materials handling technologies. Ayre also developed the scope of services that would be used to identify suitable AMH and RFID vendors.

In addition to the scope of services development, The Galecia Group will develop and deliver workshops that will support the Library through a technology adoption and change management process and will continue to consult throughout building design and construction for all of the CCPL's building and remodel projects. 

Summary of services provided:

  • AMH, RFID, workflow, space design and materials handling recommendations
  • Development of Scope of Services for AMH and RFID vendors
  • Evaluation, procurement, and implementation of AMH and RFID technologies
  • Consulting and training related to staffing models and change management process
  • Materials handling and self-service design consultations for all locations
  • RFID retrospective conversion consulting
  • Consulting related to establishing new Operations Center for delivery and automated materials handling for interlibrary delivery sorting