Project Summary

KCLS and libraries across the nation are facing many new pressures that push against core values and services. The confluence of fiscal, demographic, and technological changes is creating new challenges and opportunities for reviewing, redefining, and enhancing the services and delivery methods KCLS offers while remaining true to core values.

In order to broaden the breadth of ideas and to tap into the creativity of library staff, the Foundation and other stakeholders, KCLS leadership decided to hold a half-day workshop for the purpose of generating ideas for technology projects that would enhance services to patrons. The library enlisted key staff as well as members of the Foundation to participate in a half day Technology Summit. Lori Ayre, Library Technology Consultant, was asked to provide background materials and context to the day as well as facilitate the process of generating ideas and helping to prioritize them.

The Technology Summit was held on April 21, 2011 from 9am to 1pm. The stated purpose was to identify and prioritize a slate of technology projects that would augment KCLS’ service objectives. 

The Final Report (PDF attached) describes the purpose, process, and outcome of this half day workshop.