Project Summary

Dayton Metro Library has embarked on a series of initiatives that will transition the library from a 22-outlet system with book-centered spaces to a 17-outlet system designed to better serve the diverse needs of the Montgomery County community.

The Library contracted with The Galecia Group for help evaluating the potential benefits of using new technologies to create optimized workflows for staff and improve the customer experience.

The contract included assessing the benefits, costs, and return on investment of RFID and materials handling technologies. In addition, the project included a process in which staff would learn more about the technology and participate in a series of activities that would help them envision how RFID, sorters, self check-in, and self check-out, could be employed to free up staff time and library spaces allowing staff to focus on the evolving needs of their patrons and better serve their communities.  

Galecia Associates Cheryl Gould and Sam McBane Mulford partnered with Lori Ayre to deliver a three-day workshop that was delivered to a cross-functional group of Dayton Metro staff.  

Day One began with Cheryl helping staff identify and break out of any limiting mental models that would constrain the upcoming work. Lori then introduced materials handling and RFID technology  – what it is, how it works, and how it can be put to use depending on your objectives.  

On Day Two, Sam facilitated the day beginning with a presentation on big pictures trends and influences on Dayton patrons which lead into work on identifying changing needs of patrons. Through a series of faciliated activities, the group had developed a service model that would better address Dayton patron’s needs.  

On Day Three, having focused on the new patron experiences they wanted to create, the group was better able to envision how AMH and RFID technology could be employed to support the new service model they'd created to provide a better patron experience making intelligent and strategic use of RFID and materials handling. 

Lori is continuing to assist Dayton with planning next steps and consulting on their building projects.