Edgy Librarian, a web conference, set for 01/20/2010 (very auspicious)

Califa, in partnership with InfoPeople, is pleased to be presenting The Edgy Librarian, an online web conference held on January 20, 2010, featuring many of the new technologies being used in libraries, and show-and-tell sessions from libraries using those new services! Registration information is below, and the sessions are as follows (all times are in Pacific Time Zone):

The Equinox Promise: An Open Letter to the Evergreen Community

The Equinox Promise: An Open Letter to the Evergreen Community

We at Equinox Software feel it is timely to share an evolving document we call the Equinox Promise.

We invite engagement and feedback from everyone, and encourage other vendors to come up with similar statements, or join in on ours.

The Equinox Promise

In 2007, Equinox Software was founded by a group of dedicated people who believe that open source software offers libraries unheralded opportunities to engage in the process of designing the tools they use.

A software company can never speak for the open source communi

Forming a Koha Foundation

Not sure if you've been following the developments with Koha but there is a strong movement afoot to develop a Koha Foundation.  This impetus in no small part due to issues with Liblime who has been a strong supporter and development partner for Koha but has come under fire recently about how they are doing business. You may have noticed that some of their employees have left Liblime for other OS projects (e.g.

Koha Day coming up Sept. 6!

This message came through on the Koha mailing list. It's from the 3.0 Release Manager Galen Charlton. It is worth sharing with everyone who wishes Koha continued success and appreciates the hard work of the initiators of the project as well as all the contributors that continue to add value to it. That includes me! Happy Koha Day on September 6!

This note from Galen:


I just realized that I had created a happy coincidence by picking 6
September as the soft feature freeze date for 3.2.